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Speed Triple S

If taking on the streets is the name of the game, nothing does it better than the new Triumph Speed Triple S. The new Speed Triple S is more than just a force of nature, it brings unmatched performance, character, style, quality and practicality where it matters – on real roads, in real riding conditions. The aggressive silhouette of the new Speed Triple S houses our acclaimed 1050cc triple engine, tuned to deliver a fist full of linear torque for real-world thrills and top-end performance. It is housed in a chassis engineered for rider engagement and is packed with the latest rider technology. Building on its legend as the original factory street fighter forged 21 years ago, the new Speed Triple S truly has come of age.

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Nosso objetivo é lhe proporcionar um test ride com as motocicletas selecionadas. Se a sua solicitação exata não estiver disponível, faremos o possível para lhe oferecer uma motocicleta com as características mais próximas da sua necessidade.

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